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PROJECTS: Recent Projects


This Muskoka residence is fully integrated into the natural topography of the site with 3 main levels, each with unobstructed views and large outdoor terraces. Traditionally stacked floorplates are pulled apart into single storeys to take advantage of the natural sloping terrain. A semi enclosed courtyard further invites nature into the building, providing serene views inward in addition to the main view of the lake. 

To emphasize the open concept of the interior, full height sliding glass pocket doors are easily tucked away from view to eliminate the boundary to the outdoors. 

Its stark bold forms with custom wood strip cladding and bronze details juxtapose the organic flow of the cliffside while still referencing an ode to the strong surrounding tree trunks. 

Satisfying all needs of a cottage getaway, it is a quiet recluse submerged in the wilderness and a destination entertainment central, a perfect combination of design and practicality. 



This residence is shaped primarily by the flow of circulation in and around the building by the resident and the emerging unique spaces. This 2 storey residence plays with the rigidity and weight of local limestone cladding with carefully crafted curves that flow with circulation. Slips of light contrasting massive framed glazed openings control the privacy and program of interior spaces. Bedrooms, a private office, kitchen and dining room remain on the ground floor while skylights and full height glazing enliven the second floor living room, sitting room and entertainment programs. 



With its swaths of warm french limestone and patinaed bronze bands and highlights, this two storey urban residence has an exterior of controlled proportions. Monolithic stone walls paired with stone fins are matched with airy glazed walls and slips of openings to break up solid forms.

Its air of prominence and sophistication is further highlighted by the landscaped roofs, a central courtyard, and an entry reflecting pond.

Careful attention to reveals, joints, and textures create these elegant intricacies that make the calm yet bold forms grand. 



Influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright's prairie style, this country residence emphasizes strong horizontal lines. Solid walls clad with natural crust stone have been limited to programs requiring privacy. Otherwise, floor to ceiling glazing with thin metal fins to conceal structure keep this secluded residence open to the surrounding birch trees. Its stark and crisp exterior of dark aluminum contrasts with the light filled interior and its interconnecting volumes.  




This Lake Joseph boathouse is where the party is at. With glass sliding pocket doors on both levels, shaded interiors can easily open up to the sunny outdoors on the lake. A fully equipped living unit resides on the 2nd floor with a private terrace accessible from the bedroom. White aluminum cladding contrasted with dark horizontal wood make this a stark feature on the lake. Designed for practicality and allure, it is an optimum boathouse for cottage season. 

PROJECTS: Recent Projects


This renovation project required maintaining elements of the existing Victorian character of the envelope. By embracing the rich brick exterior, we incorporated the existing materiality into our contemporary interpretation. With a mixture of black wood and dark glass the traditional facade was deconstructed to highlight a pattern of floating fins and brick piers, playing with the weight of materiality to create a new identity.  



This two storey house designed for a small family blends well with the vernacular neighborhood. Its quiet humble presence with careful balance in proportion remains intricate and refined in detail. 

The innovative cladding with large rough stone brick gives the house a ruggedness that floats as these pure rectilinear forms. Contrasting with thin dark mullions and intricate reveals, the house is a unique balance of scale and proportion

PROJECTS: Recent Projects
Interior B.jpg



This master ensuite is a spa getaway. Luxurious marble, natural light, and rich tropical foliage makes this a rest-room where you will choose to take longer to get ready. Equipped with a steam shower, bathtub, double sink vanity, his and her water closets, makeup vanity, linen/towel storage, and balcony, this ensuite exudes calmness. 




This view of a kitchen demonstrates the clean bold gestures with finesse that YY is known for. The crafted marble island has a curved underside, rounded edges, and a base reveal that makes this volume appear solid, substantial, and elegant. The relationship of the marble wall cladding with the custom ebony millwork or adjacent drywall similarly expresses that same level of definition and thoughtfulness. Lastly, the power of simplicity in the forms such as the patinaed bronze clad exhaust hood and shelves, provide a clean backdrop. Intricacy to achieve simplicity. 



This small single storey addition and backyard renovation was designed for a couple that takes pride in hosting dinner parties. Without compromising the aesthetic of the historical house, we designed a single walled dining space flanked by luxurious bronze mullions and full height glazing. A koi pond, small fountain, and linear outdoor fireplace are the prominent features of the hardscape design. The visual porosity of this dining room with the backyard features truly enlighten the dining and post-dining experience. 



This WFH (Work From Home) office/shed was designed as a solution for those who literally need to get away from the house to focus on work. Away from distractions and at peace with nature, this office getaway can be tailored to meet your work needs while taking advantage of the backyard experience, yet staying at home. 



This two storey back of house addition aims to provide more space for a growing family who was interested in contemporary architecture that still reflected the character of the neighborhood. The continuation of brick cladding and grey-beige stone stone work allowed the addition to play off the existing color palette found in the neighborhood. Deep second floor wood fins against a dark reflective glass facade allowed for privacy, contemporary lines, and also a natural touch. This transformation was effective in its subtlety and finesse. 

PROJECTS: Recent Projects



This interior view of the Beauval Residence exhibits the profound impact a private courtyard can have on a space. The dining room is one of the most important programs of a house where families and guests come together to enjoy a meal. Here the dining room flanks the central space of the house where it constantly active. A spiral staircase and ocular skylight beyond connects the second floor with this space. Nature is privatized and treated as the heart of the house.

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