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Andria Ya-Yu Fong (BASc, MArch, OAA), is the founder and principal at YY Architecture Studio. Her diverse work experience in various building typologies from the Sahara Desert to the Arctic with built projects in Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, and Toronto, attuned her sensibility towards the YY vision and has led her to focus on how to execute varying client aspirations through the bespoke creation of ideal liveable environments. Above all else, she strives towards an aligned design vision with the client based on honesty, trust, and transparency where she acts as a guide to explore and help tailor 'personal space'.

With nearly a decade of work experience, she brings to the table a breadth of knowledge and an understanding of the craft of construction and how to apply and challenge the technical limitations to achieve innovative details that help communicate the conceptual intent. She works closely with all stake holders such as trades, suppliers, builders, accountants, and consultants to lead projects to success and is known for her meticulous attention to detail and precision.

Andria's design sensibility is derived from the poetic play of strength and elegance in materiality, form, light, and the interconnectivity of experiential space with program pragmatics. She strives to create finely crafted solutions with strong bold gestures and elegantly finessed details that aim to emphasize the careful consideration of the human factor. Andria is a registered and licensed architect with the Ontario Association of Architects. 



Please find below a link to Andria YY Fong's CV. 

Portfolio of previous work is available for review at in person meeting in order to protect client privacy